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My name is Judith Bennett. I have worked for many years as a private caterer and for many years, provided home-cooked lunches for a primary school in North London. I am passionate about children’s nutrition. I believe that it is essential that children not only get all the nutrients they need to grow, and have the energy to learn and to play, but also that they develop good eating habits from a young age and a love of healthy food that will stay with them for life.

As the school catering business took off, parents were thrilled to know their children are developing a love for healthy food. They became keen to buy what I called my ‘hidden vegetable sauce’ which I use in many of my dishes, including shepherds pie, pasta, meat balls, on pizza and chicken. They started to tell their friends, and due to popular demand, I began selling at my local farmers market where it flew off the shelves.

Having successfully sold through local shops in North London, I am now selling the sauce in shops across London and the home counties, and online.

I feel so lucky that I have a business born out of my passion for children’s nutrition and good health. It is a simple concept, but it’s my tried and tested recipe that is the secret to its success. I use the perfect combination and variety of vegetables to give the sauce a natural sweetness that a child’s palate responds to, and my Hidden Vegetable Sauce is exactly what it says in the label – roasted and cooked vegetables. Though they don’t know it, children are getting 7 vegetables in every portion, but I know from my happy little customers that they love every mouthful!

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