The Sauce

Here’s a little bit about the Sauce itself!

This Hidden Vegetable Sauce is unique, there is no other sauce like it available. It is fresh, delicious, Vegan and super healthy – and it freezes perfectly! It contains seven vegetables; spinach, carrots, courgettes, onions, garlic, peppers and tomatoes. The sauce is slow cooked to maximise flavour and to retain all the goodness of the vegetables.

Just look how each of these vegetables are good for you!

Carrots are good for digestive health as they
are full of fibre
Tomatoes are good for heart health
and digestion
Spinach is loaded with good things for the
whole body such as Vitamins A, C & E and Iron
Courgettes boost the immune system and
are packed with vitamin C
Peppers are full of vitamins A, C & B6, are good source of fibre and packed with antioxidants
Onions lower blood pressure and
increase circulation
Garlic helps with blood pressure and is
great for the skin and hair

Although just one sauce now, I am working on recipes to
develop new ones – watch this space!

The Hidden Vegetable Sauce is currently available at:

Fonseca’s Deli – 343, Archway Road, London, N6 (opposite Highgate Tube)

Highgate Wholefoods – 51, Highgate High Street, London N6

Peppercorns Natural Health Foods – 260 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6

With more locations to come!

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